CuZn40 Powder

CuZn40, also known as brass powder, is a copper-zinc alloy composed of 40% zinc and remainder copper. It offers an excellent combination of strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, machinability, and economical pricing making it one of the most widely used alloy powders.

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Mục lục

CuZn40, also known as brass powder, is a copper-zinc alloy composed of 40% zinc and remainder copper. It offers an excellent combination of strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, machinability, and economical pricing making it one of the most widely used alloy powders.

CuZn40 Powder Composition

The composition of CuZn40 brass powder is:

Yếu tố Thành phần
Đồng (CU) Sự cân bằng
Kẽm (Zn) 39-41%
  • Copper forms the primary matrix imparting ductility and corrosion resistance.
  • Zinc provides solid solution strengthening and improves machinability.

This composition is referred as ‘Free machining brass’ or ‘High machinability brass’ owing to the enhancements from the 40% zinc content.

Small additions of lead up to 0.5% may be present in some varieties to further augment machinability. Lead-free CuZn40 powder is preferred for food contact and environmental safety.

Properties of CuZn40 Powder

CuZn40 powder offers a versatile mix of properties making suitable for wide usage across industries:

Tài sản Giá trị
Tỉ trọng 8.4-8.8 g/cm3
Độ nóng chảy 900-920°C
Tinh dân điện 26% IACS
Dẫn nhiệt 120 W/m-K
Hệ số giãn nở nhiệt 20 x 10<sup>-6</sup> /°C
Mô đun đàn hồi 97-110 GPa
Sức căng 330-550 MPa
Kéo dài 15-40%
Độ cứng 80-90 Brinell
Ổn định nhiệt Good, up to 400°C
  • Excellent formability and ductility – High elongation enables extensive cold working and forming.
  • Good machinability and finish – Reduction in machining forces compared to copper alloys with lower or no zinc.
  • Cường độ cao – Up to twice the strength of copper due to zinc in solid solution.
  • Kháng ăn mòn -Forms protective oxide layer in atmosphere. Better than plain carbon steels.
  • Không từ tính – Suitable for applications requiring minimal magnetic properties.
  • Good thermal stability – Dimensions stable during thermal cycling up to 400°C range.

This combination of strength, ductility, thermal and electrical properties makes CuZn40 suitable for wide usage in electrical, automotive, marine and industrial applications.


Applications of CuZn40 Powder

The versatile properties of CuZn40 powder make suitable for the following applications:

Ứng dụng Những lợi ích
Electrical connectors High strength, good conductivity, corrosion resistance
Fasteners, gears Good machinability, wear resistance
Bearings, bushings Compatible with rotating shafts, good lubricity
Welding rods Compatibility with steel, good brazeability
Decorative parts Attractive gold color, good finish
Quản lý nhiệt Higher thermal conductivity than steels
  • Electrical connectors and contacts – Used widely in pins, connectors due to strength, conductivity and cost advantage over alternatives.
  • Machined parts – Suitable for nuts, bolts, gears, valves etc. owing to excellent machinability.
  • Bearings and bushings – Compatible with steel shafts while providing good wear resistance and lubricity.
  • Welding consumables – Popular in Cu-Zn filler rods and brazing alloys to join steel components.
  • Decorative accessories – Provides aesthetic gold finish for decorative parts and jewelry.
  • Thermal components – Used in heat exchangers and thermal management parts leveraging its higher thermal conductivity.

CuZn40 powder is widely accepted across industrial sectors owing to its versatile properties, performance and economical pricing.

CuZn40 Powder Specifications

CuZn40 powder is available in various size ranges, shapes and purity levels:

Sự chỉ rõ Tùy chọn
Phân phối kích thước hạt 10 – 150 micron
Mean particle size 20, 45, 60, 100 microns
Hình dạng bột Bất thường, hình cầu
Mật độ rõ ràng Up to 75% theoretical
Lưu lượng dòng chảy Lên đến 25 s/50g
Sự thuần khiết Lên đến 99,9%
Biến thể hợp kim CuZn10, CuZn30, CuZn37
  • Smaller particle sizes below 45 microns allow greater densification but reduces flowability.
  • Spherical powder provides better flow and packing density suited for additive manufacturing.
  • Higher apparent density and flow rates improve powder handling and processing.
  • High purity variants available for more demanding applications.
  • Range of zinc levels between 10-40% available for varying strength-ductility.

CuZn40 powder can be customized in terms of particle size, shape, density, flow characteristics and alloy composition based on application requirements.

Consolidation Methods for CuZn40 powder

CuZn40 powder can be processed into full density components using techniques like:

Phương pháp Details
Compaction + Sintering Older economical method with shape limits.
Đúc kim loại (MIM) Net shape parts with excellent precision and surface finish.
sản xuất phụ gia Direct printing of complex, dense parts from CAD models.
Hot Extrusion For simple, axisymmetric shapes like rods and tubes.
Roll compaction For sheet and strips requiring good ductility.
  • Pressing followed by sintering is commonly used but requires secondary processing for full densification.
  • MIM offers highest precision and surface finish but needs high volumes to justify tooling costs.
  • Additive manufacturing methods like binder jetting and fused deposition modeling are gaining popularity for design flexibility.
  • Extrusion and rolling well suited for simple geometries like bars, sheets etc. leveraging ductility.

The consolidation method controls final properties like density, precision, surface finish and microstructure.

Heat Treatment of CuZn40 Parts

Heat treatment of CuZn40 parts helps tailor a range of mechanical properties:

Điều trị nhiệt Mục đích
Solution annealing Restores ductility after cold working
Giảm căng thẳng Removes residual stresses
Lượng mưa cứng Strengthening by aging after solutionizing
  • Annealing at 700-900°C followed by slow cooling softens the alloy by removing effects of cold work allowing further forming.
  • Low temperature age hardening in 150-350°C range causes precipitation of copper-rich phase increasing strength up to 50% but with loss of ductility.
  • Stress relieving around 300-500°C helps reduce residual stresses from prior shaping.

Heat treatment expands the versatility of CuZn40 alloy by enabling property enhancements as per application needs.

Comparison of CuZn40 with Alternatives

Here is how CuZn40 compares to other popular copper alloy powders:

Hợp kim CuZn40 CuSn6 CuNi18Zn20 Bronze
Sức mạnh Cao Trung bình Cao nhất Trung bình
Độ dẻo Cao Trung bình Thấp Trung bình
Chống ăn mòn Tốt Xuất sắc Xuất sắc Xuất sắc
Dẫn nhiệt 120 W/m-K 50 W/m-K 20 W/m-K 60 W/m-K
Trị giá Thấp Cao Cao Trung bình
  • CuSn6 has superior corrosion resistance but lower strength and thermal conductivity. More expensive.
  • CuNi18Zn20 has the highest strength but lowest ductility and thermal conductivity.
  • Bronzes like CuSn10 offer excellent corrosion resistance but only moderate strength.
  • CuZn40 provides the most balanced overall properties and has the lowest cost.

Owing to its well-rounded properties, excellent formability, machinability and low cost, CuZn40 is the most popular copper alloy powder for wide usage across industrial segments.

CuZn40 Powder Manufacturers

CuZn40 powder is produced in high volumes globally by major metal powder producers:

nhà chế tạo Quốc gia
Höganäs Thụy Điển
CNPC Trung Quốc
Miyou Group Trung Quốc
Jien Nickel Taiwan
Sản phẩm kim loại SCM Nhật Bản

Các nhà sản xuất có uy tín có kiểm soát chất lượng nghiêm ngặt và phù hợp với các tiêu chuẩn quốc tế về thành phần, phân phối kích thước hạt, mật độ rõ ràng và mức độ tạp chất.

They can customize CuZn40 powder compositions and attributes like particle shape, density, flow rates etc. based on customer requirements for their specific application.

CuZn40 Powder Pricing

As a widely produced commercial alloy powder, CuZn40 is quite economical. Indicative pricing is:

Loại bột Kích thước hạt Giá ($/kg)
Để nhấn Under 150 microns $5-15
Cho thiêu kết 45-150 micron $8-20
For MIM 10-20 microns $12-25
Cho AM 15-45 micron $15-30
Độ tinh khiết cao Up to 5 microns $25-40
  • Irregular shape powder for pressing and sintering is most economical.
  • Spherical powder for MIM and AM is costlier due to gas atomization process.
  • Smaller particle sizes and high purity grades attract price premium.
  • Large volume orders in tons can further reduce per-kilogram pricing.

CuZn40 powder is competitively priced owing to its broad commercial usage allowing economical production in high volumes.

Health and Safety Precautions for CuZn40 Powder

Like any fine metal powder, CuZn40 powder requires safe handling:

Nguy hiểm Các biện pháp phòng ngừa PPE
Hít phải Avoid breathing powder dust. Ensure ventilation Respirator mask
Tiếp xúc với da Wear gloves. Wash after contact. Gloves
Giao tiếp bằng mắt Wear safety glasses. Rinse if contacted. Safety goggles
Ăn vào Avoid hand-mouth contact. Wash hands.
Dust explosion Avoid powder clouds. Ground equipment.
  • Use PPE – respirator, gloves, goggles when handling powder.
  • Tránh tiếp xúc với da. Rửa sau khi tiếp xúc.
  • Store sealed containers away from sparks, flames.
  • Đảm bảo thông gió thích hợp và thu thập bụi.
  • Refer SDS and local regulations for complete safety guidelines.

Proper precautions and PPE during storage, handling and processing minimize health and safety risks.

Inspection and Testing of CuZn40 Powder

To ensure quality, CuZn40 powder should be tested as follows:

Tham số Phương pháp Sự chỉ rõ
Thành phần hóa học Combustion analysis or XRF Zn 40% ± 1%, Pb < 1000 ppm
Phân phối kích thước hạt Sieving, laser diffraction D10, D50, D90 trong phạm vi
Mật độ rõ ràng Hall Flowmeter Minimum specified
Lưu lượng dòng chảy Hall Flowmeter Maximum specified
Tạp chất Phân tích ICP hoặc LECO Low oxygen and nitrogen

Routine testing as per ASTM standards ensures consistency in production and high quality powder suitable for end applications.

Buyers must insist on quality certificates from reputable manufacturers. In-house testing periodically is also recommended.

Câu hỏi thường gặp

Q. What is CuZn40 used for?

A. CuZn40 finds wide usage in electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, gears, decorative parts etc. leveraging its strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and machinability.

Q. What is the difference between regular and leaded brass alloy?

A. Leaded brass contains a small amount of lead up to 3% to enhance machinability while regular brass is lead-free. Lead-free is preferred for food contact and environmental safety reasons.

Q. Does CuZn40 require heat treatment?

A. Optional heat treatment can be done to soften and restore ductility via annealing or to strengthen by precipitation hardening.

Q. What methods are used to make parts from CuZn40 powder?

A. Compaction followed by sintering, metal injection molding and additive manufacturing processes like binder jetting and FDM are popular techniques to consolidate CuZn40 powder into dense components.

Q. Is CuZn40 powder safe to handle?

A. Like any fine metal powder, precautions should be taken to avoid inhalation and skin contact. Proper ventilation, PPE and safe handling procedures minimize risks.

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