Aluminum alloy powders offer light weighting combined with strength, durability and corrosion resistance across automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. This guide covers common compositions, properties, manufacturing methods, sizes, suppliers, applications and selection.

ผงอลูมิเนียม ภาพรวม

Spherical aluminum powders with controlled particle size enable high performance light metal components via PM, MIM and AM:

อัลลอยด์2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx series Aluminum
คุณสมบัติLow density, strength, hardness, wear resistance
ProcessesPowder metallurgy, Metal injection molding, Aluminum AM
แอปพลิเคชันAutomotive, Aerospace, Industrial
ประโยชน์Weight reduction, performance, recyclability

Advanced aluminum powders balance ultra lightweight density with improved mechanical properties over cast or wrought alloys.


ผงอลูมิเนียม Types

2000ทองแดงGood strength, machinability, ductility after PM consolidation
6000Magnesium, SiliconMedium strength, superior corrosion resistance
7000ZincHighest strength, used mainly for high performance aerospace components

Emerging Alloys

Scandium or zirconium containing aluminum alloys and nanocomposite Al-TiC achieve substantial strengthening for specialized applications.

ผงอลูมิเนียม คุณสมบัติ

ความหนาแน่น2.55-2.8 g/cc
แรงดึง200-600 MPa
ความแข็งแรงของผลผลิต160-500 MPa

Finer aluminum powder sizes produce higher consolidated strength values approaching wrought alloys. Heat treatability also boosts mechanical performance.


การทำให้เป็นละอองGas or water atomization from molten alloy produces fine spherical powders
Mechanical MillCost-effective method using ball or attritor mills, less spherical particles
AlloyingDirect alloying or ad-mixing elemental/pre-alloyed base powders

Gas atomization allows the most precise property control while milling increases shape complexity and internal porosity. AM suitable powders utilize atomization but maintain flowability.

ผงอลูมิเนียม ขนาดอนุภาค

Typical aluminum alloy powder sizes used:

กดและเผา50-150 microns
การฉีดยาฉีดโลหะ (MIM)10-25 ไมครอน
Binder jet Additive Manufacturing (BJAM)20-60 microns
การสะสมพลังงานโดยตรง (DED)50-150 microns

Optimizing particle size distribution and shape impacts packing density and sintering response.

Leading Suppliers

บริษัทเกรดPrice Estimate
Hoeganaes1001, 2003, 6065, 7009$5-8 per lb
BASF2024, 6061, 7050, 7068$6-10 per lb
Sandvik Osprey2024, 6061, 7075$8-15 per lb
ห้องขัง2024, 6061, 7068, 7093$7-12 per lb

Prices vary based on order volume, powder characteristics and alloy composition.

แอปพลิเคชัน of ผงอลูมิเนียม

เกี่ยวกับยานยนต์Power train parts like connecting rods, shafts
การบินและอวกาศStructural brackets, airfoil components like flap tracks
ทางอุตสาหกรรมHeat sinks, pistons, seals, fasteners, sprockets
อิเล็กทรอนิกส์Heat dissipation devices like LED housings


  • Weight reduction over titanium/steel alternatives
  • Improved fuel economy or range
  • Reduced numbering of parts via integration

Selection Guidelines

เกณฑ์Best Practices
อัลลอยด์Match powder to mechanical and environmental needs
วิธีการผลิตAM needs spherical gas atomized; MIM extra fine
การกระจายขนาดTailor based on consolidation technique density targets
ความหนาแน่นที่ชัดเจนHigher improves sintering response
Surface oxygen analysis<0.5% for strongest performance
PriceGet quotes based on volume from at least 2 suppliers

Carefully balancing application requirements, manufacturing process and budget informs optimal aluminum alloy powder sourcing. Consider sampling evaluation programs.

Pros vs. Cons

Lightweighting and fuel efficiencyLower strength than ferrous alloys
Corrosion/oxidation resistanceProne to galvanic corrosion
การรีไซเคิลPoor high temperature properties
Improved life cycle impactHigher cost than cast aluminum

Key Takeaways

  • Advanced aluminum powders outperform cast and wrought grades on density-specific basis
  • Tailor powder characteristics to requirements of end-use manufacturing techniques
  • Alloy customization and emerging composites continue expanding capabilities


Q: What is the most widely used aluminum alloy powder?

A: Aluminum 6061 is the workhorse alloy leveraged across automotive and general engineering for its versatile mechanical properties, corrosion performance and moderate cost.

Q: How does aluminum powder cost compare with titanium?

A: Aluminum powders start around $5/lb versus $50+/lb for titanium demonstrating significant conversion cost benefits for lightweighting despite lower mechanical properties.

Q: Does aluminum powder oxidize?

A: Fine aluminum powders present oxidation risks during handling, storage and processing requiring inert environments and tight quality controls to minimize risks.

Q: Can you 3D print aluminum alloy parts?

A: Yes, aluminum DED and binder jet AM is maturing quickly for structural aerospace components leveraging advanced powders and processing refinements to achieve over 99% density after sintering.

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