GH3230 Powder

GH3230 powder is an age-hardenable nickel-iron base alloy containing 30% chromium along with additions of molybdenum and aluminum. It offers an exceptional combination of high strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures.


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Table of Contents

Overview of GH3230 Powder

GH3230 powder is an age-hardenable nickel-iron base alloy containing 30% chromium along with additions of molybdenum and aluminum. It offers an exceptional combination of high strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures.

Key properties and advantages of GH3230 powder include:

GH3230 Powder Properties and Characteristics

Properties Details
Composition Ni-30Cr-4Mo-2Al alloy
Density 8.3 g/cc
Particle shape Predominantly spherical
Size range 10-45 microns
Apparent density Up to 60% of true density
Flowability Good
Strength Very high after aging treatment
Corrosion resistance Excellent including pitting and crevice corrosion

GH3230 is widely used in aerospace, oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation applications needing exceptional strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures.

GH3230 Powder

GH3230 Powder Composition

Typical composition of GH3230 nickel-chromium alloy powder:

GH3230 Powder Composition

Element Weight %
Nickel Balance
Chromium 28-32%
Molybdenum 3-5%
Aluminum 1-3%
Carbon 0.1% max
Manganese 1% max
Silicon 0.5% max
Sulfur 0.015% max
  • Nickel provides corrosion resistance and facilitates precipitation hardening
  • Chromium significantly enhances oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Molybdenum and aluminum enable precipitation strengthening
  • Carbon and other elements limited as impurities

The composition is designed to achieve peak strengthening from precipitation hardening along with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance.

GH3230 Powder Physical Properties

GH3230 Powder Physical Properties

Property Values
Density 8.3 g/cc
Melting point 1370-1420°C
Thermal conductivity 12 W/mK
Electrical resistivity 70 μΩ-cm
Coefficient of thermal expansion 12.5 x 10^-6 /K
  • High density compared to steels and titanium alloys
  • Retains high strength at temperatures exceeding 1000°C
  • Relatively low thermal conductivity necessitates design considerations
  • CTE is moderate and similar to stainless steels

These properties make GH3230 suitable for high strength applications at elevated temperatures needing corrosion resistance.

GH3230 Powder Mechanical Properties

GH3230 Powder Mechanical Properties

Property Condition Values
Hardness Solution annealed 37 HRC
Hardness Peak aged 52-58 HRC
Tensile strength Annealed 1100 MPa
Tensile strength Aged 1600-2000 MPa
Yield strength Aged 1400-1800 MPa
Elongation Aged 8-12%
  • Ages to very high strength levels exceeding other precipitation hardening alloys
  • Retains reasonable ductility in peak aged condition
  • Hardness increases substantially after aging treatment
  • Strength can be tailored through aging time and temperature

These exceptional properties make GH3230 suitable for components needing very high strength combined with corrosion resistance.

GH3230 Powder Applications

Typical applications of GH3230 nickel-chromium alloy powder include:

GH3230 Powder Applications

Industry Uses
Aerospace Turbine blades, bolts, fasteners
Oil and gas Wellhead valves, downhole tools
Chemical processing Extruder screws, valve parts
Power generation Boiler components, steam and gas turbines

Some specific product applications include:

  • Aerospace turbine engine blades, discs and fasteners
  • Bolting for high temperature petrochemical piping
  • Valve components used in corrosive chemical environments
  • Boiler superheater tubes and headers
  • Steam turbine blades and fasteners

GH3230 provides exceptional strength and corrosion resistance needed for critical components used at extreme temperatures across demanding industries.

GH3230 Powder Specifications

Key specifications for GH3230 powder include:

GH3230 Powder Standards

Standard Description
AMS 5815 Nickel alloy powder compositions
AMS 5408 Wire, rods, bars of precipitation hardening nickel alloys
AMS 5698 Investment castings of PH nickel alloys
AMS 5772 Nickel alloy forgings
AMS 5634 Nickel alloy extruded shapes

These define:

  • Chemical composition limits of GH3230
  • Required mechanical properties in different heat treatment conditions
  • Approved powder production method – inert gas atomization
  • Impurity limits for critical elements
  • Compliance testing protocols
  • Proper handling and storage instructions

Meeting these certification requirements ensures optimal performance.

GH3230 Powder Particle Sizes

GH3230 Powder Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Characteristics
10-22 microns Ultrafine powder used in laser AM processes
22-45 microns Size range for most powder bed AM systems
45-75 microns Larger sizes used in laser cladding or thermal spraying
  • Finer powder provides higher resolution and surface finish in AM
  • Coarser powder suitable for high deposition rate processes
  • Size distribution tailored based on AM or other method used
  • Spherical morphology maintained in all sizes

Controlling particle size distribution and shape is critical for optimizing processing method performance and final part properties.

GH3230 Powder Apparent Density

GH3230 Powder Apparent Density

Apparent Density Details
Up to 60% of true density For spherical powder morphology
4.8 – 5.5 g/cc Improves with greater packing density
  • Spherical powder shape provides high apparent density
  • Higher density improves powder flow and bed packing in AM
  • Reduces entrapped gas porosity in final part
  • Maximizing density minimizes press cycle time

Higher apparent density results in better manufacturing productivity and part performance.

GH3230 Powder Production Method

GH3230 Powder Production

Method Details
Gas atomization High pressure inert gas breaks up molten metal stream into fine droplets
Vacuum induction melting High purity input materials melted under vacuum
Multiple remelting Improves chemical homogeneity
Sieving Classifies powder into different particle size fractions
  • Gas atomization with inert gas produces clean spherical powder
  • Vacuum processing minimizes gaseous impurities
  • Multiple remelts improve uniformity of composition
  • Post-processing provides particle size distribution control

Automated methods combined with strict quality control result in consistent GH3230 powder suitable for critical applications.

GH3230 Powder Pricing

GH3230 Powder Pricing

Factor Impact on Price
Powder grade Higher purity increases cost
Particle size Ultrafine powder more expensive
Order quantity Price decreases with larger volumes
Production method Multiple remelts increase cost
Packaging Special packing raises cost

Indicative Pricing

  • GH3230 powder: $120-180 per kg
  • Large volume pricing can be 30%+ lower

Pricing depends on purity, particle size, production method, order volume, packaging and delivery requirements.

GH3230 Powder Suppliers

GH3230 Powder Suppliers

Company Location
Sandvik Osprey UK
Carpenter Additive USA
Erasteel Sweden
Aubert & Duval France
CNPC Powder China
Tekna Canada

Selection factors for suppliers:

  • Powder grades produced and particle sizes offered
  • Production capacity and lead times
  • Quality control, consistency and compliance
  • Technical expertise and customer support
  • Pricing levels based on order volumes
  • Experience serving the targeted industry

GH3230 Powder Handling and Storage

GH3230 Powder Handling

Recommendation Reason
Ensure proper ventilation Avoid exposure to fine metallic particles
Use appropriate PPE Prevent accidental inhalation or ingestion
Follow safe protocols Reduce health and fire hazards
Store sealed containers Prevent contamination or oxidation

GH3230 powder is relatively stable but general precautions are still recommended for safe handling and maintaining purity.

Storage Recommendations

  • Store in stable containers in a dry, cool area
  • Limit exposure to moisture which can degrade properties
  • Maintain temperatures below 30°C

Proper precautions preserve powder condition and prevent safety issues.

GH3230 Powder Inspection and Testing

GH3230 Powder Testing

Test Details
Chemical analysis OES or XRF spectroscopy used to verify composition
Particle size distribution Laser diffraction analysis
Apparent density Measured as per ASTM B212 standard
Powder morphology SEM imaging of particle shape
Flow rate analysis Gravity flow rate through specified nozzle
Moisture measurement Loss on drying analysis

Testing ensures the powder meets the required chemical purity, particle characteristics, density specifications, morphology and flowability per relevant standards.

GH3230 Powder Pros and Cons

Advantages of GH3230 Powder

  • Excellent high temperature strength and creep resistance
  • Retains strength and hardness up to 1150°C
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance across environments
  • Good fatigue strength and fracture toughness
  • High hardness combined with reasonable ductility
  • Less dense than nickel superalloys

Limitations of GH3230 Powder

  • More expensive than stainless steel powders
  • Requires controlled heat treatment for optimal properties
  • Lower wear resistance than cobalt alloys
  • Difficult to machine after sintering
  • Limited cold heading and forming capability
  • Subject to pitting in strongly oxidizing acids

Comparison With Inconel 718 Powder

GH3230 vs Inconel 718 Powder

Parameter GH3230 Inconel 718
Density 8.3 g/cc 8.2 g/cc
Strength Higher Lower
Corrosion resistance Excellent Outstanding
Cost Moderate Very high
Uses Oil and gas, chemical processing Aerospace, nuclear
  • GH3230 provides higher tensile strength
  • Inconel 718 offers better overall corrosion resistance
  • GH3230 is more cost effective
  • Inconel 718 is preferred for extreme environments
  • GH3230 provides optimal strength and cost balance

GH3230 Powder FAQs

Q: What are the main applications of GH3230 nickel alloy powder?

A: Main applications include aerospace turbine components, oil and gas wellhead valves and downhole tools, chemical processing equipment, power generation parts, and other high temperature components needing exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

Q: Why is GH3230 preferred over stainless steel powders in high temperature applications?

A: GH3230 retains significantly higher strength compared to stainless steels at temperatures exceeding 650°C. It also provides excellent corrosion resistance in hot corrosive environments.

Q: What precautions should be taken when working with GH3230 powder?

A: Recommended precautions include ventilation, appropriate PPE, avoiding ignition sources, following safe handling protocols, and storing sealed containers away from moisture, air, and contamination.

Q: How does chromium improve the properties of GH3230 alloy?

A: Chromium provides substantial improvement in oxidation and corrosion resistance. It also forms fine precipitates during aging treatment which contribute to precipitation hardening and strengthening.

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