Aerospace Industry


The Aerospace industry is one of constant change.

The aerospace sector is a major adopter of metal 3D printing, leveraging the technology to produce lightweight, high-performance components. Metal additive manufacturing enables complex geometries and consolidated assemblies, reducing weight and part count versus traditional manufacturing. This is critical for aircraft as every kilogram reduced directly translates to fuel savings.

Metal 3DP is an ideal partner for aerospace companies exploring additive techniques. Our advanced selective electron beam melting systems excel at printing reactive metals like titanium and nickel alloys commonly used in engines, structural frames, and components. The process achieves exceptional mechanical properties meeting aerospace standards. Our systems also offer large build volumes to manufacture parts at scale.

Additionally, Metal 3DP provides a broad portfolio of spherical metal powders optimized for our printers. These include titanium, aluminum, cobalt-chrome, nickel superalloys, and more. Our powders ensure dense, quality prints for aircraft parts operating under extreme stress. With in-depth aerospace expertise, Metal 3DP helps customers implement metal AM and validates high-performance printed parts for flight.

By leveraging our leading selective electron beam melting printers and tailored metal powders, aerospace manufacturers can embrace additive to streamline production and achieve next-generation vehicle designs. Metal 3DP provides comprehensive solutions to advance metal 3D printing in aviation.