Industrial Manufacturing


The Industrial Manufacturing is one of constant change.

Additive manufacturing enables industrial manufacturers to produce complex, optimized components. Metal 3D printing facilitates designs not possible with subtractive techniques, consolidating assemblies into single printed parts. This reduces production steps while improving performance.

Metal 3DP is the ideal partner for industrial companies implementing metal AM. Our advanced selective electron beam melting systems excel at working with steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium and other manufacturing alloys. Our process achieves the mechanical properties, precision, and surface finish required for end-use industrial parts and tooling.

Additionally, Metal 3DP offers a broad selection of metal powders optimized for our printers. These include stainless steel, maraging steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and more. Our high-quality powders ensure reliable, repeatable printing of dense, durable industrial components.

With expertise across industries, Metal 3DP helps manufacturers validate and qualify printed parts for the factory floor. By leveraging our leading additive manufacturing solutions, industrial companies can embrace metal 3D printing to streamline production and improve part performance.

Metal 3DP partners with industrial organizations to implement metal AM and realize its benefits. Our comprehensive capabilities advance additive techniques for next-generation manufacturing.