Aluminum Powder for 3D Printing


3D 프린팅용 알루미늄 분말 is increasingly used in additive manufacturing to create lightweight, high-strength parts across industries. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of aluminum powders for 3D printing.

Introduction to Aluminum Powder for AM

Aluminum is a popular material for 3D printing due to:

  • Low density – 2.7 g/cc
  • High specific strength
  • 뛰어난 열 및 전기 전도성
  • 우수한 내식성
  • Weldability and machinability
  • Low material costs

Key properties of aluminum powder:

  • Spherical powder morphology
  • 제어된 입자 크기 분포
  • High purity levels over 99.5% Al
  • Derived from recycled aluminum in some cases
  • Available for binder jetting, DMLS, SLM processes

Aluminum powder enables printing of lightweight components impossible to manufacture by other methods.

3D 프린팅용 알루미늄 분말

Aluminum Powder Types for Additive Manufacturing

Various aluminum alloy powders are used for AM:

Aluminum Powder Types for 3D Printing

AlSi10MgCast alloy with silicon and magnesium항공우주, 자동차
AlSi7MgModerate strength alloy with Si, MgIndustrial machines
6061Medium strength wrought alloy with Mg, SiCustom brackets, fixtures
5XXX series5% magnesium for strengthTooling, marine
Pure aluminumUnalloyed aluminum >99.7%Thermal management, electrical

Specialized alloys are being qualified for additive techniques to match conventional alloy properties.

구성 3D 프린팅용 알루미늄 분말

Typical composition of aluminum alloy powders for AM:

Composition of Aluminum Print Powders


Silicon improves castability and fluidity. Magnesium enhances strength. Impurities are minimized for AM suitability.

Key Properties of Aluminum Print Powder

Properties of Aluminum Print Powder

열 전도성120-180 W/mK
전기 전도성35-38 MS/m
인장 강도230-520 MPa
영의 계수68-72GPa
경도65-100 HB

The properties make aluminum suitable for lightweight, thermally and electrically conductive printed parts.

Aluminum Powder Characteristics for AM

Aluminum Powder Characteristics

매개변수세부 정보중요성
파티클 모양구형흐름성 개선
크기 분포10-100μmControls part resolution
겉보기 밀도1.2-1.8g/ccAffects final part density
유량20-30 s/50gIndicates powder spreadability
산화물 함량< 3%Impacts powder flow and sintering
수소 함량< 0.15%Reduces porosity in parts

Sphericity and controlled particle size distribution are critical for aluminum AM powders.

Specifications for Aluminum Print Powder

Aluminum Powder Specifications

입자 크기10-63 μmASTM B214
겉보기 밀도> 0.80 g/ccASTM B212
홀 유량< 30 s/50gASTM B213
산화물 함량< 3%ASTM B237
Mg, Si compositionAlloy limitsASTM B937
불순물Fe, Cu, Mn limitsASTM B937

Key powder characteristics and composition are verified against standardized specifications.

Benefits of Using 3D 프린팅용 알루미늄 분말

Benefits of Aluminum for 3D Printing

  • Lightweighting – high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Reduced material waste
  • Increased design freedom and part consolidation
  • Elimination of tooling and machining
  • On-demand and just-in-time fabrication
  • 높은 열 및 전기 전도성
  • 뛰어난 내식성
  • Good finishing and post-processing
  • Cost-effectiveness for mid-volume production

Aluminum powder additive manufacturing provides significant advantages over conventional techniques for lightweight structural and functional parts.

Applications of 3D Printed Aluminum Components

Industry Applications of 3D Printed Aluminum

산업구성 요소
항공우주Airframe brackets, heat exchangers, turbine blades
자동차Chassis, powertrain parts, custom interiors
산업Robotics, tooling, fixtures, mounts
소비자Electronics housings, drone bodies
ArchitectureDecorative panels, wall cladding
의료정형외과 임플란트, 보철물

Additive manufacturing enables previously impossible aluminum geometries, consolidation, and customization across diverse sectors.

How to Choose Aluminum Printer Powder Suppliers

Choosing an Aluminum Powder Supplier

  • Experience producing AM powders
  • Capability to customize alloys and particle size
  • Consistent quality and reproducibility
  • 경쟁력 있고 투명한 가격 책정
  • 기술 전문성 및 고객 지원
  • Batch analysis and certification data
  • Inventory and shorter lead times
  • Capability to meet demand fluctuations
  • Responsible and sustainable sourcing

A reliable aluminum powder partner delivers customized and qualified powders tailored to application requirements.

Aluminum Print Powder Manufacturers

Aluminum Powder Suppliers for AM

목수 첨가제미국
고급 분말 및 코팅미국

These leading suppliers provide controlled particle sizes, spherical morphology, custom alloys, and extensive qualification data to ensure optimal prints.

Cost Analysis of Aluminum Print Powder

Aluminum Powder Cost

등급kg당 비용
Pure aluminum$50-$100
6061 alloy$60-$150
5XXX series$65-$140

Prices depend on alloy composition, impurity levels, particle characteristics, and purchase volume. Significant cost savings versus titanium alloys.

Comparison of Aluminum with Other Print Materials

Comparison of Aluminum Powder with Alternatives

매개변수알루미늄티타늄스테인리스 스틸
인장 강도(MPa)230-520900-1200500-1000
Thermal conductivity (W/mK)120-1807-1615-30
Electrical conductivity (MS/m)35-382.41.5
kg당 비용$50-$150$200-$500$20-$50
인쇄 가능성공정어려운우수

Aluminum provides the best combination of strength, weight, conductivity and cost. Stainless steel is easier to print but heavier. Titanium is challenging.

3D 프린팅용 알루미늄 분말

자주 묻는 질문

Q: What is the typical particle size for aluminum AM powder?

A: Particle sizes from 10-45 microns are common, with a tight distribution around 20-35 microns for optimal flow and high resolution.

Q: What aluminum grades are compatible with 3D printing?

A: AlSi10Mg, AlSi7Mg, and 6xxx series alloys like 6061 have been qualified. 5XXX grades are also gaining popularity for higher strength.

Q: Which AM process is best suited for aluminum?

A: DMLS, SLM, and binder jetting allow aluminum printing. Binder jetting provides faster build speeds but DMLS and SLM offer better mechanical properties.

Q: Does aluminum powder require special handling precautions?

A: Finely divided aluminum can be flammable or explosive in air. Inert gas glove boxes are recommended for storage and handling.

Q: Are heat treatments required for 3D printed aluminum?

A: Yes, solution treatment, aging, annealing, or stress relieving may be performed to achieve desired material properties and microstructures.

Q: What surface finishes can be achieved with aluminum AM parts?

A: As-printed finishes around 15 microns Ra can be further smoothed to under 1 micron Ra using media blasting, grinding, sanding, and polishing.

Q: Can aluminum printed parts match bulk alloy properties?

A: With optimized parameters and post-processing, additive parts can achieve mechanical properties on par with or better than traditionally processed aluminum alloys.

Q: What design principles apply for aluminum AM?

A: Print orientation, minimal supports, generous internal radii, and accounting for thermal stresses improves results. Wall thicknesses over 1 mm are preferred.

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